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Diaper rash?

I'm a FTM and have had very little exposure to babies.  My DS is 4 weeks old and we've been using cloth since day 1 and love them.  The problem is he has a very mild rash everywhere the cloth diaper seems to touch (including his belly). We're using GMD prefolds and workhorses.

 I was using Alvins' ( I think) samples that I got from Jillian's but ran out.  I'd read that Purex free and clear might work, and we've been using it for all the clothing, so I tried it on his diapers.  I didn't notice the rash until after we switched detergents, but he doesn't have the rash anywhere else on his body, could it still be a reaction to the detergent?

We change his diapers every 2 hours, every 3 overnight but they're still soaked at times.   We're using Earth Mam Angel Baby Bottom Balm at every diaper change but it doesn't seem to make a difference.  I'm not sure what else to do.

I should not that I googled pictures of diaper rash ( yeah, I'm that clueless) and it doesn't look anywhere near as angry and painful as those pictures.  In fact, he's been to his two week and one month doctor appointments, and it wasn't even mentioned. 

Re: Diaper rash?

  • Rashes do happen, but you could try using a different detergent to see if it is indeed that.  The diaper area gets wetter than the clothes, and that may cause the reaction with the detergent. 

    If not, try giving him some diaperless time to help clear it up.  My LO just had her first big rash  and that's what helped tremendously.  If there are really bad spots, wash with warm water after changing the diaper, let it air out, and then apply some buttpaste to help seal out moisture.  It should clear up with just naked time and/or a switch to different detergent though (or rinsing the diapers more after washing with soap).

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  • Try changing more often

    Try switching detergents

    Try a fleece stay-dry liner in the diaper (you can just cut up some fleece)

    Try not doing the balm

    Welcome to troubleshooting.

  • I would really look into trying a new detergent, you may want to do a soak overnight to strip your diapers and maybe two washes to get the old detergent out of them.  I second the idea of trying not to use the Balm, my DS had a reaction a bunch of different balms.  Try doing as much naked time as possible. Just lay a cloth over the top of him if you want so he doesn't aim to far
  • I second trying a new detergent, and a fleece liner. I'm thinking his skin doesn't like the moisture too much.

    I hate diaper rashes, they are a big pain (for both baby and mom).

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