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Hey Ladies

I am new to this board. I am roughly 5-6 weeks pregnant - unsure right now. I had an u/s last week and going in I thought I was 6w6d but the u/s only showed a sac and when my ob reviewed the u/s he said I am earlier than they thought - probably 5 weeks. I have another u/s on Feb 6th where I should get a better idea.

After my u/s last Wed I started to spot on Thursday evening (brownish/pink - when I wiped). I have had spotting ever since, usually only when I wipe or right after I go to the washroom - I will get the odd thick globs (sorry TMI) but they are also brown.

 My ob said not to be concerned, as long as it is not red and I don?t have serious cramping (I had slight period cramps last thur but nothing really since). I am going for blood work tomorrow and Thur to check my levels (this was at my request)

 I am really freaking out though - I had a m/c last August and I am really scared i will m/c with this one as well.

Is anyone else experiencing this - what did your ob say?



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Re: Spotting

  • i am sorry you are dealing with this.  spotting can be very normal.  several of the girls on this board have had spotting and gone on yo have normal, healthy pregnancies.  i wish you the best!
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  • I had spotting from weeks 4-8. It's terrifyinavnet Ive continued to have healthy ultrasounds and no spotting in 4 weeks. Wih my last pregnancy I had one day of spotting and it was a missed miscarriage. So it doesn't always mean bad news but it also isn't always ok. Try to hang in there and take things day by day. 
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