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Charlie's Soap causing terrible rash?

Good lord.  Since we moved we've had a hell of a time getting a detergent that cleans.  Charlie's cleaned, but I picked LO up from daycare today and his bottom is RED.  they used cream at every change.  The only thing I can think that would have caused this is the soap.  Now, he's going to have to be in disposables until we can strip his diapers and find a different detergent.  This is a PITA! 
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Re: Charlie's Soap causing terrible rash?

  • Yeah I've heard that some children are SUPER sensitive to this soap :( I'm so sorry, I hate seeing red bums! Try coconut oil :) it works wonders! Good luck!
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  • Yeah, I'll never try Charlies and you just found out why.

    Tide? Everyone seems to love Tide. I'm more of a soap nuts person myself.

  • is it all water types or just hard water that has issues with Charlies?  I've got very soft water and we started washing our clothes with this to try it out on me since I have very sensitive skin (can't use tide for this reason, I want a detergent I can use on all wash cycles for simplicity).  So far so good with my skin and our clothing smells clean.
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  • Was that the first day you had used the diapers washed in Charlies?  I'm a charlies fan.  I do know there is a problem with charlies and hard water (which I have) so I use Calgon water softener with the wash and do an extra rinse.  No problems here and Camden has really sensitive skin.  Just something to think about.
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  • I use Charlies and love it!  If you recently switched to Charlies it is likely that all the gunk that was stuck in your diapers is coming to the surface and irritating your son.  As soon as it all washes out you may be fine.  When I first switched I did a bunch of extra rinses to help get the gunk out.  Good Luck.  Also make sure your washing machine is clean and that you are using Charlies for all of your laundry not just diapers.
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  • I started with Charlie's and while I was a relative newbie, I am 99% sure that it caused a rash on DD. It was either that or CJ's Butter. We switched to EcoSprouts and have had no problems since. We have even tried CJ's Butter again and that wasn't the cause of the rash.

    I agree though, finding the right detergent is a PITA. 

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