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are BG 4.0s too tight?

Today was my first day with my cloth diapers, so it's been somewhat of an experiment.  At first i had the waist on the  tightest setting, but it left red marks all over him (like the lines you get from your pants after sitting for awhile, or from your pillow when you get up in the morning.  That seemed like it was tight, so I put it on the second setting the next time. .  But when he pooped a bunch went right out through the leg.  So I put it on the tightest again, and amazingly he pooped again! (He must've known I was trying to figure this out).  This time it held the poop.  It just still leaves those wrinkle lines all over his lower regions.  Does this mean it's too tight? Or is this normal?  


Re: are BG 4.0s too tight?

  • We have a bunch of BG 4.0s and they leave lines on my DD too.  I don't think it';s because they are TOO tight, just tight enough to contain the poo!
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  • If it's containing the poop and your kiddo doesn't seem bothered, I say roll with it :)
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    If it's containing the poop and your kiddo doesn't seem bothered, I say roll with it :)


    I notice a straight line on my daughters waist line at the back at the end of the day most days after she's in her BG's. I know it's not too tight since there's always a little bit of room in the front. I think it's just the nature of the beast when you have an elastic waistband on something.

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  • I always liken it to how socks leave marks on your legs but you never notice till you take them off ;) DH is natorius for making DS's diaper too loose on top...he says its for "air flow" but honestly that's why I switch between pocket diapers and Prefolds!
  • I think it is fine. Every diaper, sock , and pant leaves a mark on my baby.


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  • Wrinkle lines are normal, welts are not (and you'll know the difference if you see it). Regarding the too-tight/now-they're-too-loose problem, it may just be beacuse your son's 4 weeks old and he might just be an awkward fit for the 4.0 right now (skinny legs?). I'd bet if you try them again in a few weeks, they'll fit better.
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