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U/S question 6ish weeks

hello all!

I've been lurking here a bit and am finally ready to introduce myself! I've had two previous losses (missed mc in May '11 and cp in Nov '11) and now find myself just over 6 weeks pregnant.

i had an u/s today and we saw the sack and possibly a heartbeat.  I was feeling really good about it, until I read some other posts that said people had heartrate measurements at 6 weeks. 

So, is there any concern for me that we didn't/couldn't get any sort of heartrate yet?  My Dr said everything was looking good and I'll have anoher u/s next week, but right now I'm a bit worried!

pgal is hard!


Re: U/S question 6ish weeks

  • My first U/S I thought I was 6 weeks but there wasn't a whole lot on the screen.  a week later there was "palpitations and measured almost 6 weeks"  The NEXT week when I was "8 weeks* I measured 6 weeks 2 days and had heart rates. Are you positive how far along you are?  Maybe it's still early? I would just trust your doctor and try not to worry!  I'm sure next week you'll have a beautiful little HB.  Also, just for the record I didn't get an actual heart rate number for my babies until the 12 week NT. Some doctors just look to see it flickering and don't actually measure the number until a little further along.

    PGAL is totally hard but you'll find this board a great support! 

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  • Thank you for the responses! They make me feel better! 

    Based on LMP (12/16) I am 6w3d, but I have 31-32 day cycles, so I'm probably not quite that far along.

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  • I went for what I thought was my 6w6d u/s last week - all they saw was a sac so i am not as far along as I thought (based on LMP). I havnt been regular since my m/c so I am not sure when I ovulated.

    I have another u/s on Monday and that should tell me how far I am - hopeing to see a little fetus and hb as well!

     No need to worry, Im sure you are just not as far as you think :)

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  • we had our 1st u/s at 6w3d and we got to see the hb but didnt get to hear it or get any measurements.  hang in there until next week!  I still have 2 weeks until our next one. boo.  
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  • The heart starts beating at 6 weeks so it is a hit or miss if you get an ultrasound during that time that you will see the heartrate.
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  • I had the same kind of appointment at 5 w 6 d, they could see the heartbeat, but the machine couldn't pick it up.  I'm sure all is well for both of us!
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