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Insight on HCG after a loss please...

 We had a missed misscariage on November 28, 2011. I would have been 9 weeks and baby had stopped growing at 6 weeks and 2 days. I bled/spotted from November 27 to December 17th. Got a period Dec 31st for a week. I should have gotten my period again last week but I havent gotten it. I just took a test and got a dark postive right away,(wasnt morning urine either) I just dont know what to think?? We tried for well over a year the first time, could this still be leftover hcg from our loss?? Im so scared to be excited.....and super worried cause we were told to wait 3 cycles...

Obviously I will call my Dr at 9am to get in for a blood test, but thought maybe you ladies could offer some insight...

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Re: Insight on HCG after a loss please...

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    Thanks for posting this over here, hun. The women on TTCAL wouldn't have been very thrilled to see your post. Hope somebody on this board is able to give you some answers! :)
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    It's so hard to say. My HCG took 9 weeks to get to zero after a D&C at 9 weeks, although I was measuring 9w at the point of my loss, not 6, so your numbers may have been considerably lower and therefore needed less time to reset. The "period" 2 weeks after the post-D&C bleeding is also hard to read since that's a little quick to have gotten back your period. But, I wish you the best! I hope you get some excellent news tomorrow, and so sorry for your loss.
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    We had a D&C on 12/9 and got a BFP on 1/ it's possible to get a cycle and get pregnant that quickly. Our DR did 3 HCG draws to test to make sure all was going well and that this was a new pregnancy. Lots of positive thoughts coming your way.
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    I know everyone is different, but after my m/c it my HCG dropped from 827 to 17 in one week!  I then got a BFP one month after my initial bleeding started.  I hope this is for real for you!
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    It sounds like you and your doctor didn't follow your HCG down to 0 after your loss. Because of that, there's no way to tell if this is a new pg or left over from your last with out having betas drawn to see which way they're going. Getting period like bleeding only two weeks after MC bleeding doesn't sound like an actual period. My guess is it was probably additional bleeding left over from your MC, especially since you bled for so long after. It's very possible to still have HCG left in your system, even 9 weeks out. It took me 15 weeks to get back to 0 once the bleeding started from my last loss. I bled and spotted on and off for 6 weeks. Everyone drops at a different rate, some fast some slow. It doesn't mean anything is wrong, it just means your body needs more time.

    With that said, I do hope this is a new pg for you. It sounds like you have a good plan in asking your doctor to run betas. I hope you get some answers soon.
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    I had a D&C last january, bled for about 2 weeks, then cycled again 2 weeks later.  found out we could have conceived the next cycle but we were waiting to do some testing.  (so roughly 5-6 weeks post D&C).  I'd call your doc for a beta draw just to be sure.
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    It took somewhere between 15-18 weeks for my hcg levels to get to negative following my D&C. I don't know exactly when because it was still positive at 14 weeks and didn't test again until 18 weeks.  During this time I had 3 periods and I had confirmed ovulation twice, by temping.  So it is possible that it is still leftover hcg from the miscarriage.  The only way to know for sure is to get two betas drawn to see if it's doubling or going down.

    I really hope it's a new pregnancy, it can be really frustrating to wait and wait and wait for your levels to go down. 

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