Pregnant after a Loss


I'm at work and i am feeling alot of pressure ''down there'' and it goes to my lower back..ive had it since i woke up but it feels like its getting worse..uggh. Im not bleeding or anything but im concerned because i havent had this pain throughout the pregnancy, im only 10 weeks and some days . I had my previous miscarriage at 8 weeks 6 days...should i be concerned? i never had any bleeding or spotting with my first m/ kinda freaking out Tongue Tied

Re: Worried....

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    Maybe give your OB a call? Sorry I don't have too much experience since I didn't make it past 7w last time :(

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    I would call your ob for sure just in case. If your like me i worry about every little pain i get because of all the miscarriages ive had, hopefully things turn out ok for you!!
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