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Do you ladies feel like you constantly have to poop?

All day long thats how I feel.  And Ive noticed Ive been going more but also, I feel the urge even when i dont have to go. Anyone else?



Re: Do you ladies feel like you constantly have to poop?

  • Yes!  I was just thinking that as I rushed to the bathroom for the umpteenth time today. I used to be very I'm multiple times a day, all over the map. Not fun!
  • yes. like 4-5x a day usually
  • Yes I have the urge to poop quite often, and sometimes it feels like its a false alarm, and other times its not. I am usually REGULAR, like 9 months ago I could predict when I was going to go, I guess our bodies are not ours anymore.
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  • Yes. There's a lot of pressure down there. But I also have hemis now after last week's stomach bug so that doesn't help either.
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  • Yes. I've already gone 4 times today... Before I was pregnant I was lucky to go once a day!
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  • earlier in the pregnancy, I was constipated and went once every 3 days; now I feel like I go three times a day. super fun.

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  • All the time! Especially when I wake up in the morning, it's like I can't get to the bathroom fast enough!  Then there's the 20 false alarms throughout the day....

  • Definitely been going a lot... this is certainly TMI but it's unusual BMs for me. I feel like it's diarrhea almost, really soft and just gross. Embarrassed I'd rather go back to throwing up. 

     DH and I were trying  to remember, I think our prenatal class instructor said it's common for your body to clean itself out close to labor?

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  • Baby is down so low if I walk very much I feel like he/she is going to pop out the backside. To pp yes it is common for your body to clean out right before labor.
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  • Oh yes! I feel like I have gone more in the past 9 months than I have ever in my life! It is such a P.I.T.A!
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  • I feel like this all the time. Baby was sunny side up as of 2 weeks ago - so if she still is, doc said that the back of her head causes that pressure (cuz I honestly don't have to go!) But we'll see at my next appt wed if that's still true.
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