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I'm a little over 13w. Is it possible to be feeling flutters?

I don't think it's gas because normally when it is and I "push" in my stomach it comes out :/ (sorry TMI)

Its very faint and sporadic. Am I crazy?

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Re: Flutters?!?

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    I would say that you know your body better than anyone else. 


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    Nope, not crazy!  I felt them at 13 weeks with this LO.  It was definitely sporatic but I knew it was them for the same reason as you posted (pushing on tummy = blowing air out my arse) and when I felt them I didn't have that. 

    So exciting!

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    That's when I first felt mine!  Mostly when I was laying on my back and then they went away for about a week before I started feeling them again.  I was so worried! 

    It's so exciting! 

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    Aww, how exciting! 

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    Thanks for helping me to not feel crazy! I can't believe it :)
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    You aren't crazy!! I swore I felt it today (and a few days ago) and I'm only 12 weeks. Now who is the crazy one??
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    I've heard 2nd time moms can feel them much earlier than first I trust your judgment if you think that's what you are feeling!
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    That is so exciting!! Congrats! Can't wait to feel it soon too!
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    That is so exciting!!

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    You arent crazy! Sicne this is your 2nd and they are close together you for sure can be feeling flutters :)   Just my opinion!
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