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Hi All. I have been pretty nauseous and tired the past week. I missed last Monday and now I missed this Monday again Confused I know my job is understanding, but I don't like to miss this much.... I'm happy I do have the symptoms and my pregnany is coming along good. Today I am 10 weeks. I'm just wondering how you everyone deals with work while being pregnant?
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    I have missed quite a few days of work too between feeling terrible, appointments and a day or two where I was just really freaking out. I just keep telling myself that I deserve to take care of myself and that this is the most important thing right now. Work seems to be understanding. I feel a bit guilty but am trying to be gentle wih myself.
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    Although they would be very understanding, and have in fact told me to go home, I haven't missed work yet.  I am paranoid that I won't have enough time on the books for maternity leave so I am pushing through.  I feel like crap every day and especially in the mornings so I'd want to stay home everyday if I did it just once. 

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