Pregnant after a Loss

13 lb 13 oz baby

Delivered naturally without drugs out in Ohio.... The news story I heard on the radio said she gave birth to a 12 lb baby last year (or the year before... Can't recall).... Now that is amazing
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Lost our first angel, 10/24/08 7w6d
Proud mama to Cameron
Lost our second angel, 2/16/11 8w
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Re: 13 lb 13 oz baby

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    Thats one tough momma.  But people need to realize that those babies aren't "miracles", they are generally the result of uncontrolled diabetes.  Even though they are large, they often have delayed lung development and end up in the NICU. 

    Sorry, rant over.

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    Indifferent Good lord, those are some huge babies!! Excuse me while I have a chat with Nugget about what is an acceptable birth weight....
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