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Best shipping methods?

I need to ship out 2 fleece covers, but I'm pretty torn on the cheapest method. Any advice? What have you found to be the cheapest packaging & shipping methods?
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Re: Best shipping methods?

  • I sell a lot of baby clothes and ship a lot. The cheapest way is to use poly mailer bags, you can buy them on ebay.  If it weights 13oz or less it ships first class mail (about $3 or less, price goes by ounce).  If it's more then 13oz then you ship it parcel post.  It will take up to 10 days to get there but it'st he cheapest way.  Parcel post prices vary depending on how far the package is going and price is per pound.  You can go to and click on calculate shipping on the left to find the price.  If it's a one time thing and you don't want to buy poly mailers you can use a large envelope or you could do a flat rate shipping envelope would mail for $5 but I would think it would be cheaper to just send it in just a large envelope.  Hope that helps!
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