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My Birth Story...long PIP

Before I begin, I have to thank you fellow have kept me SANE during this last 9 months.  Also I am so happy my little boy gets to have birthday buddies with Rosen and Potter's rainbow babies!!!

My labor story started around 3:30 am on Thursday 1/26.  I had been having false labor since last sunday every night and I was getting very disappointed by my body, but I got super excited when I wiped and had some blood ( oh how times change from the beginning of your pregnancy to the end).  I tried to go back to bed but my nerves/excitement got the better of me,so I woke up and played on the computer and watched some awful early morning TV.

I started to get some contrax nothing really strong but I could tell they were possibly the real thing because they had the whole mountain/plateau thing.  I went back to bed at 5:00 and when I woke up at 6:30 the contrax were stronger.  I woke up my DH, jumped in teh shower and got my DD out of bed.  My dd had preschool that day so we got her ready for school, went out for a big breakfast ( to get a big meal in me and to have one last meal as a family of three).

I had my reguarlly scheduled 39 week appt that day.  On the drive to the appt, my contrax were getting stronger and closer but nothing too painful. I sat in teh exam room for about 45 min and they kept coming.  The doctor came in checked me and said I was 4 on my way to 5 and that I should head right to the hospital.  I was psyched!

We got to the hospital, checked in an montiored.  My mom got there to swtich cars with us so she could pick my DD up.  My contrax were about 3-5 min apart, but only like a 3-4 on the pain scale ( NOTHING like my induction contrax with my DD). My OB was called into an emergency C so he told my amazing L&D nurse to tell us to walk.  I walked for about 45 min and then monitored again and my contrax spaced to about 8 min apart.  I was nervous I was going to get sent home.  My doc was in yet another C-section so I was instructed to walk again and my nurse said to my ute to start up!

I walked and I walked and let me tell you the contrax got closer and more painful ( had to stop and breath through them). After the hour, I got hooked up again and my contrax where stronger and about 4 min nurse chekced me and I was 5 on my way to 6 and there was no way I was being sent home.  She prepped my IV, put my fluids in..asked if I wanted an EPI..I said for sure b/c pain was getting worse but let me tell you very doable.  The pressure/pain was never anywhere near the pain I had with my DD's induction.  I started to think ok this why woman can go through it without pain mangment ( not that I wanted to be one of those women..I knew the pain could only get worse).  I got my epi about a half hour later...took longer than I remembered but contrax were gone..couldn't feel anything.

My doc finally came in after 4 hours of being at the hospital ( and three emergency c sections later).  He checked me and I was at 6...he broke my water ( which b/c of the epi I didn't feel!) and started me on pit..very low level of 2.

45 min later I felt this huge surge of water and called my nurse to change my pad underneath me...I also said I have some pressure and he feels low so I am going to push the green button for more epi.  She said no let me check you b/c you could be complete..I said no way because I was just 6 45 min ago, but alas I was 10, very quickly ( same thing happened during my induction).

The quickly got the room ready, which stressed me out because the enormity of  it all hit me.  Doctors were doing a shift change at a new doc from my pratice came that I never met.

The nurses called and asked him if he wanted to come right away because my first delivery took only 10 min of pushing.  He said yes don't start without him..he came about 5 min later...sat down and asked me to do a pratice push...I did he screamed stop stop stop.  I have to get ready you are a super star pusher the baby is right there...I pushed for another 6 minutes through 3 contrax and he was born at 5:14pm!

Skin to skin right away.  8lbs 4oz, 20.5 inches of perfection.  He latched perfectly and is bfing like a champ!

Here is our little Sean Thomas!!!


Taylor Annalee 12/1/09 Baby Birthday Ticker Ticker Sean Thomas 1/26/2012 Lilypie First Birthday tickers Angel Baby missed m/c 2/17/11, D&E 2/18/11

Re: My Birth Story...long PIP

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    Awww congrats mama!
    Chemical Pregnancy 2001, Married 8/8/09, TTC April 2011, BFP 5/8/11, Missed M/C @ 9wk5d, D&C 6/21/11 BFP 11/13/11 Chase Everett born at 29wks 0 days on 5/7/12 at 2 lbs 14 oz, 14 1/2 inches long.
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    Aw!  Congrats!  He is such a cutie!
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