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What do you think of Damian?

Hey ladies, I totally love the name Damian Enrique Llanio but Dh relates it to evil and although he's coming around just wonder if you would name your baby that. right now our other option is Tristan Enrique. I love Damian though although I used to Love Tristan I just FEEL like Damian is the name lol anyway what are your thoughts?


Re: What do you think of Damian?

  • personally, i like tristan.  to be honest, and it may just be me, but every time i hear the name damian, i think of the movie The Omen.  sorry :-/ 
  • I'd have to agree with your DH on this one.  Tristan is not my style either but I like it much better than Damian.
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  • I like Damian more than Tristan. That being said- you have to find a name your dh likes.
  • Yeah - I think the same thing as your H...Damian is the name of the boy in the Omen. 
  • SORRY!  I am going to have to agree with the other ladies and your dh.  Damian reminds me of evil, and maybe it is due to the Omen movie as well, but it just gives me the creeps.  I wouldn't name my son that, because I would feel scared that someone, his teacher, strangers, etc.  might treat him differently due to the name.  That being said, I LOVE the name Tristan.  It is my cousin's name and we call him Trist.  Use it for me ;0) lol since we dont want so many Tristans in our family ha!
  • I didn't see the Omen- guess that's why I am okay with the name!
  • "It's all for you, Damian!" And the nanny jumps off the building to her death.

     That's what I think of when I think of the name Damian (or Damien).  Sorry.  Damon is a nice name that close, though, and I have no bad connections with that name. Whaddaya think of Damon?

  • I was always told that if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all. With that said, I wasn't always one to listen.

    My 2 cents....It also reminds me of the Omen, and then when I was younger I babysat for a kid named Damian who was a devil child.....

    But honestly, you & your DH has to like it. 

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  • Yes, it reminds us all of the Omen, but the worst part is, when the child gets older, he will have that stigma, of being a devil child just because of the name. I swear, the 3 Damien's I have met, have lived up to the name. The sucky part, is that it sounds nice in spanish, with Enrique, but in english, I'd have to pass.


  • Sorry I don't want to hurt your feelings but I don't like Damian. 
  • I think Damian is a nice name. It's not a favorite of mine but I have nothing against it.

    Tristan is definitely not a favorite of mine. It goes back to when I was 3 or 4 and  there was this snotty kid in my preschool class named Tristan. It's weird how things get HAMMERED into your head as a kid!! LOL! But whenever I picture the name Tristan all I can see is that kid with snot all over his face!!

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  • Tristan was great for Brad Pitt in Legends of the Fall, but I am not a fan of that as a real life name.  Way too trendy sounding. For all its worth,  I went to school with a Damien and he was extremely gorgeous.
  • I've never seen the Omen so I have no name associations with Damian. I happen to like that name!?

    But that aside - what is important is that it is a name YOU and YOUR dh agree on.

    ?My sons name is Tanyon and you wouldn't BELIEVE the funny faces we get when we tell strangers his name. But is OUR child and was OUR choice to name him that.?

    ?Do what feels right for you!?

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  • Personally I have known enough Damian's that while it reminds me of the Omen at first its not a connection that sticks with me. Its a pretty name, though, but unless your husband loves it too you will probably be on the search for another one.

    I wish you luck! All of my favorite names we vetoed by my DH before we agreed on Sophia so I can def relate to you.

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  • I kind of like how it sounds in Spanish but not how it does in English. Jorge and I both decided on names that sound the same in both languages since our families speak Spanish.

    I do agree that it should be a name that you both love.


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