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IT or someone must be mad at BOTB...

I jumped around to a few other boards, and they seem to be working ok.  It took me several tried to get anything to open in.

I still can't open a post, but I can start a new one? 

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Re: IT or someone must be mad at BOTB...

  • I couldn't post on any of the boards. It kept giving me an error message for everything!
    TTC #1 since 11/10 | Diagnosed with PCOS 11/28/11 | Lap 1/20/12: stage 2 endo & cyst removal
    Clomid- No response
    Metformin 1500 mg Femara 5mg + Trigger + TI Round 2 = BFP!
    Beta 13DPO: 115, Beta 16dpo: 561 BFP Chart
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  • I couldn't post on any other boards either. I guess its fixed now?

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  • I still can't even open TTCAL without an error message.  It's so annoying.
    Me: PCOS   DH: No issues

    August '16-January '17: Clomid + HCG + IUI/TI = BFN
    February/March '17: Menopur + HCG + IUI = BFN
    April '17: Menopur + HCG + TI (due to too many mature follicles) = BFN
    May '17: Took off due to cysts
    June' 17: Menopur + HCG + IUI = Cancelled due to 8+ mature follicles
    November '17: Clomid + HCG + IUI= BFN
    December '17: Menopur + HCG + TI= BFP!!!! Due August 2018

  • image huskymomma94:
    I couldn't post on any other boards either. I guess its fixed FOR now?

    I fixed your post.  Nothing is ever really fixed on the bump.

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  • I couldn't get on TTTC or the nest book club board. Booohiss.
    Started TTC in June 2008. Not bothering any more.

    Bonafide thread killah
  • I couldn't get on a couple of the boards, or the glossary (still learning some of the abbreviations). Still doing it to me.




  • Just testing to see if the board is working!
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  • I've been getting error messages all day.  And they STILL haven't fixed the issue of Bumpies with any sort of symbol in their SNs (the forward slashes in mine, for example) not being able to edit their profiles.  It's been over a month!  Come on Bump...get it together!
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