Pregnant after a Loss

NT scan results

Today's appointments went very well. The baby looked great although he/she did not want to give up the main shot. So I had to flip around, go for a walk and touch my toes. After the second badder empty we got the shot, less then 1mm. Great news over all. 

We also found out we have 3-25% chance of reoccurrence, with 10% being the most likely. All of our testing was normal and some of the finding between 2 of our losses are similar which could indicate something but are also postmortem causes so we can't be sure. 

Regardless lots of u/s appointments, I have one at 16 wks with the MFM doc as well as the level II at 18 weeks. I will probably have 1 a month for now just to monitor things.  

Overall I am very thankful but wish that I had some innocent perceptions about pregnancy left. I really thought I would feel more relief but I guess with later losses that just doesn't happen.  

image Nicholas loved for 28 weeks, 4/11/10
Baby Boy loved for 15 weeks, 5/31/11
Baby Girl loved for 16.5 weeks. 3/1/12
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