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Have you taken your DC to a dentist?

Do you think it's necessary?  If so, when?

Re: Have you taken your DC to a dentist?

  • One of my dentist Mommy friends says 3 is when to begin taking them, but start practicing good oral hygiene now.
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  • No, but most dentist say it's not needed until 2 or 3 (OR if there is a serious issue prior to that).  I'm planning on taking her when she's able to understand that this weird man with a mask on needs her to open her mouth so he can look at her teeth.  That could be when she's 5! =) 
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  • Sarah loves brushing her teeth - she thinks she's such a big girl!
  • Nope... I can't imagine Joe understanding... open wide!  I can't even get him to open wide when I wanna look at his teeth.  :) 

    but he does love to brush his teeth.  

  • I will take Kohen when he turns 3.  That is what I was told by my Pedi.
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