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I'm trying to decide where I should register and my Dad thinks that Amazon is a good place to register.  Honestly, they have some of the best prices and they are the only place that carries the bedding I want.

It seems a little tacky to me, but I was curious what everyone else thought.  Thanks in advance!

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Re: Registry at

  • I was also planning on registering at Buy Buy Baby.  The reason I was worried about it being tacky is because it's not your traditional go in the store  type of registry. I think Amazon is appealing to someone like my Dad who wouldn't want to go in the store and likes the convenience of ordering at home.  I was just curious what others thought.  Thanks for your opinion!

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    I think it's fine, but I would also register somewhere else with an actual store that people can shop in if they want that option.

    Why do you think it would be tacky?



    I agree. I don't think it's tacky at all. Some guests will find it convenient and easy to order online, while others will want to pick something out in store. And older guests especially may not have access to the Internet and will want a physical store they can visit. Just make sure that you have lots of items to choose from on both registries in a variety of price ranges.
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  • We registered for our baby there.  It was very simple and easy to do.  It was really nice for our family that lives out of town since shipping is much less expensive than BRU or places like that. 
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  • my sister registered at amazon and it was fine... its nice because you can choose just about anything
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  • Thanks everyone!  I think we are going to register there.
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  • I registered at Buy Buy Baby and  My bridal registries were at Macys and Amazon.  For both the bridal and baby registry I had very few people purchase from Amazon and those who did were in areas that didn't have a Buy Buy Baby store.  I chose Amazon because you can pretty much get anything (either on their website or through their "universal" registry).
  • It depends on your guests which should know pretty well.  If they go on the computer (or have one) and if they are willing to buy on-line.  I have some friends that actually don't even have a computer (and they aren't interested in getting one!) and others that are pretty computer literate but would never consider putting their credit card numbers "out there".  LOL  For those people you might want to register at a local brick and mortar store (BRU, BBB, or Target/Walmart).
  • I only registered on Amazon, but I looked up each item I registered for to see if it was carried in store at Target, BRU, etc.  If something was available in store, I added it as a note to the item.  It worked really well.  I loved the universal registry option, too.  I actually got some etsy items that I registered for!

    If someone wants to buy something at a store, they can easily search to find the item in stock locally.

    It's good for after the baby arrives, too.  Now, whenever the in-laws get the urge to buy something and ask what she might like, I add things I've been thinking about buying to the registry so they can choose.  I also just like to have it for my own reference, so I know that everything in there has been vetted and I don't have to research anything more than once.

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  • I registered there and BBB. They have stuff that the typical baby store does not and I registered for a bunch of disney movies. It worked out nicely for me.

  • I'm doing amazon and target. I don't think it's tacky and I have a lot of friends that are really exciting about not having to go into a store (none of them have kids yet).
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  • We used it. Only a few people bought from it (or any of our registries, really) but you do get the completion discount for things shipped by Amazon, the prices and selection are better probably 99% of the time. Plus you can keep it as a wish list for later on.

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  • I'm using Amazon because it's a place I personally order from all the time and I love it.  I like the massive selection they offer (is there anything they don't carry!?),  generally lower prices for the same exact items at other stores, and free shipping over $25 which people will usually not have a problem spending for a baby shower.   Also, the majority of our relatives are out of state and I figure it's the easiest way for them to ship a gift for baby, if they want to.  I intended to do two registries - a few things at Amazon and a few things in-store at Babies R Us or Target, but after seeing how limited selection is at those stores (and how much more expensive most items are) I decided to stick with one registry that has everything.

    If nothing else, it will at least provide ideas and then people are free to purchase the items anywhere they want.

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