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Presby/Novant OB/GYN reviews in Charlotte?

So DH and I are getting ready to TTC and I am due for an annual exam that I guess I will make into a preconception visit too.  DH works at Presby and REALLY wants me to have the baby there.  The OB/GYN I have been going to forever is associated with CMC so I guess I have to find someone new.  I'm not super happy about this, but I figure if this makes DH happy, maybe he will compromise on some other things later if we have different views.

Anyway, does anyone go to a Novant practice and have a doctor you really like? I live north of Charlotte, so anything in Ballantyne/South Charlotte is out.  I'll do midtown/uptown or maybe Huntersville.  I don't care if the doctor is male or female.  I just care about knowledgeable, not a lot of wait times at the office, and a good bedside manner.  I don't need you to be touchy feely and I can deal with it if the doc has a dry sense of humor or is a little snarky.   So, that said - recommendations?

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Re: Presby/Novant OB/GYN reviews in Charlotte?

  • I see Huntersville Ob/Gyn up here in Huntersville, but they don't deliver at presbyterian main, only at Presby Huntersville. It is a fairly large group and you rotate through all of them, but I haven't had any issues last pregnancy or this time around. Presby Huntersville is great to deliver at.
  • Huntersville OB is a great group. There's only one doc I'm not a huge fan of (she's knowledgeable but not personable). My favorites are Dr Little and Dr Miles. They only deliver at Presby Huntersville.
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  • I use Providence OBGYN which is off 4th street, attached to the main presby hospital. I see Dr Arronte and love her- she never rushes, is very thorough and the wait times usually aren't bad at all. What I really love about this practice is that you see your doctor for every pg visit. I was at Eastover before that, and had to see a different dr for each appointment during pregnancy (and they have a bunch!) Their reasoning is to let you get to know each dr in case one delivers you, but IMO I'd rather have consistency during my pg and take my chances at delivery rather than barely seeing my dr. during the pregnancy. I also had m/c issues, and every visit with DS's pregnancy they'd review my chart and go through my history,etc-- very annoying. I switched at 14 weeks last time.

     Good luck, its something to think about when checking out practices-- I didn't realize that offices do it different ways.

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  • I'm another one that uses Huntersville OBGYN and I love it. I've really liked every Doctor that I've seen so far.
  • I went to the Rankin Women's center and LOVE it. Amy Fletcher is my OB but I recommend anyone at that practice. They are located uptown connected to Presby.
  • I agree with a previous poster about Dr. Arronte....she is great. She's located in the Presbyterian Medical Tower uptown (attached to Presby Main).
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  • Thanks so much for all of your recommendations, ladies!  I'm at Eastover now too and though I love my doctor (both that I've seen), I don't know how I feel about the "try every doctor" approach either.  I almost feel like the pg appointments are more important than the delivery itself.  No matter who does it, I doubt that part will be too much fun!  


    Thanks again, girls, I think I will check out Dr. Arronte and the Rankin Center.  Hubby works at Presby main, so he wants to have the (future) baby there. 

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  • CARMEL OB/GYN (Novant)!!!! they have several offices! Dr. James Meek is SO amazing! I miscarried at 12 weeks on my first and he was so incredible called me almost every day to make sure I was ok! My best friend also goes to him and she just had her baby a week ago, we absolutely love them! Now that am prego again I couldn?t imagine going anywhere else!



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