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Gift giving thoughts..

Would you give someone a used book?

Would your answer change if you went to the store and bought it vs. one off your shelf?

What would you think if you got a used book as a gift?

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Re: Gift giving thoughts..

  • People have bought me 2nd hand makes me happy.

    (sometimes, these are rare editions/old editions/etc.  Sometimes they're just 2nd hand.  

    Never bothers me because it makes the world a greener place and it saves $ to buy more books with :)

    I've also had people give me the book of their shelf--and that just melts my heart because they're usually giving me something wonderful because they know I want it...and want it then...and it ma be hard to they're giving me 'te shirt off their back'

  • What is the occasion and why are you giving the book? In general I would say no, excluding if the book was really old, signed by the author, had some special significance tied to it's age, etc. It doesn't matter to me if the book was bought form a used book store or a book shelf. 
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  • I think it just depends on the book itself. If you're giving me a book you know I love and adore and it is so hard to find, or it was signed by the author, then I think it is really awesome.

    If you're giving me a dog-eared, coffee-stained and dusty copy of Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus, because you forgot to pick something up, well, that's not so awesome. I think that's probably pretty obvious though.

  • If there is a special meaning, reason, or you just think the person will enjoy the book then yes!  There is nothing wrong with giving a book as a gift with a little "hey, thought you'd enjoy it"!
  • It depends on who I'm giving it to (how well I know them, etc). The book would need to be in good condition. I've given my bff books from my shelf before and she loved them.
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  • image fredalina:
    Way too many variables to answer. What kind of shape is the book in? If it's from your shelf, was it thrown together or a narcissistic "everyone should share my taste in books" or actually thought out? Was this the only gift? Like, I might give my sister a gift and throw some books in a bag as an "extra" if I knew she liked that's kind of book. But it wouldn't be the ONLY gift just off my shelf. A rare first edition or something out of.print they want? Totally different.

    All of this and what is the occasion? I give used books to people but not as gifts for occasions. Just like hey I have that book and you want it.. I don't need it anymore.. here you go.. type of thing...

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  • "All of this and what is the occasion? I give used books to people but not as gifts for occasions. Just like hey I have that book and you want it.. I don't need it anymore.. here you go.. type of thing..." 


    I would not give a used book at a babyshower or something but maybe hand it to her before or after...if we met up for coffee and was like hey this book was awesome or helpful etc thought you might like to read it

     like Happiest Baby on the Block by Harvey Karp you only need to read it once to get the concept then you can pass it on to your friends and family but i would give my used copy as an official gift  

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  • I wouldn't mind if it was a book that they knew I would like and not just some random book.  I love to read so new or used doesn't really matter to me. 

    I would only give a used book if it was a book that I knew they would love or was a really hard to find book.

  • I love getting used books, as I hardly ever buy new for myself.  I have told my family not to waste the money on new books for me, since I would get them used if I was shopping, and I coffee stain and dog ear all my books.

     My sister handed down her copy of "What to Expect When You're Expecting" to me at Christmas time, very touching :)

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