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childbirth education classes

Does anyone have any recommendations for childbirth education classes outside of Philadelphia, in particular the Bucks county, PA area?  Thanks!

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  • I know St. Mary Medical Center and Abington Memorial Hospital both do them.  I went to the one at Abington and was very happy with it.
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  • Are you delivering at a hospital? I would suggest going to the hospital where you are planning to deliver, because everybody has different policies and procedures, and if you go to an outside birth center or class, you may end up with a birth plan that your doctor or midwife doesn't support. I teach classes and work L&D at Jefferson and my classes are heavily based on coping mechanisms and policies that are used and recommended at the hospital.
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  • I agree with going wherever you're delivering.  That being said, I went to classes at Lower Bucks.  The instructor there was really great.
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  • Yes definitely go to where you are delivering because usually part of the class is atour of the nursery :). Pretty sure they all offer classes. I delivered at St. Mary's and it was very informative.

  • Thanks for the feedback.  I wanted to go to the classes at the hospital I'm delivering, but the class schedule is awful and there is no way I can make it to the classes there.  I'm having twins, so would love to find a class specifically for multiples, but haven't been able to find any in the area.  Thanks again for the help and suggestions. 
  • i would contact the hospital's parent education department and see if they can set up a class for you. I know at Jefferson we do twin classes only when there is a need - there isn't one scheduled every month, but if someone asks we always set one up. c-section classes, too. good luck!
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