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Pump Question (Long)

Ok-- so I have not been one of those pregnant women that are all psyched for bfing.  It's just not something I was raised around- most women I knew in our family bottle/formula fed, including my own mother.

That said, I want to give it an honest try-- for the health of the baby.  I have a lot of issues to get over (since I will not bf in front of anyone but DH), not even covered.  This is because my IL's , nor my family, have any boundary issues.... I woldn't put it past them to just push their way in-- to see baby...

 So... I am thinking, that I would like to pump as well-- so I can use a stash for the moments when relatives are visitng-- and once I get back to a normal schedule, and want to let my DH feed the baby.

I thought I would get a manual pump, but I hear they are not that effective.  I am contemplating on buying an electronic one-- in hopes of using it right away.  I am also hoping that if pumping frees me from some feedings, that it will actually help me bf longer then just the first 2 months.

 Any suggestion on the pump/ or in general?

Mom of 3 year old, one year old and one on the way (due late Summer 2013).

Re: Pump Question (Long)

  • I have a preemie he is 7 weeks old and I still pump and bottle feed I have the pump in style by medela.It seems to work fine.my mil was always around and hated her always standing over me. even when I tried bf.
  • I have a medela pump in style advanced.  I like it a lot.  They're kind of expensive, but totally worth it to me.  I don't know how anyone can breastfeed without a pump!  It's useful not only for letting other people give DC a bottle so that you can either go out or sleep, but also can help build your supply if you need it.
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  • I'd look into renting one from a hospital.  I'd hate for you to buy one for $100+ and then decide BFing just isn't for you after a week or two, which might be likely since you don't seem to committed to it (not that there's anything wrong with that).
  • i waited until my milk came in and then bought a pump, i bought the medela pump in stly and i love it, but would have hated to if i didn't keep it up. whatever you do, don't get the gerber manual pump, it looks comfortable, but it has crappy suction. the fact that i spent so much on the pump made me determined to keep bf as long as i could. now i don't mind at all, and it is definitely necessary if you are bfing. so if you are worried about not keeping it up then rent one. it helps in the beginning to have an electric pump because you can then let someone else feed them. you can pump an hour after they eat. 

     as for bf in public, it gets easier. i was really embarassed at first until i got more comfortable with it. i started trying in the car and also if you practice covering them at home.

  • In your situation I'd probably rent first, and then buy.  I love my Lansinoh pump though.
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  • I agree with maybe renting first. I exclusively pumped for 6 months with the Lansinoh and loved the pump.?
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