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NBR, bridal shower favors?

I know this is a baby shower board, but I thought I'd ask anyhow. Is it still customary to have favors for a bridal shower? 

DH's cousinis getting married and her mother said she wouldn't feel comfortable planning her shower per etiquette...her MOH is her sister who is 19, so they agreed the 19 year old would host it.  She asked to use my home because the mother feels it's inappropriate to have it at her home even if her daughter is the host.  I am ending up doing most of the planning because let's face it...a 19 year old doesn't really know how to plan a shower.  SO, all that to ask....should we do a favor? We had them at my shower 8 years ago and I have no idea if people still do them or not?!  If so, any ideas?

Re: NBR, bridal shower favors?

  • Favours are neither expected nor unexpected.  If you want to include the, go for it; if it's just another expense and stressor omit them.

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  • No. It's not necessary.  Honestly, I have never taken a favor home with me, EVER.  I think they're a waste of money. 
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  • I've personally never been to a shower where one was not given.  That being said, not sure it really matters that much.  If you do want to do one that is cheap, buy hersey kisses and wrap them in one of those little mesh bags.  You'll spend under a dollar for each.  If you're not wanting to...don't. The work and cost of a shower is enough.

  • We did favors at my bridal shower. Not sure what your theme is but mine was "entertainment" so the favors were a gift bag with the notebook movie, a bag of popcorn, and a box of candy. I found the movies on sale for $3....each favor cost about $5. You don't have to go as big as I did but I would try and match it to your theme if you have one.

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  • Thanks for all the input...I don't think I have ever taken a favor home from a shower, but I don't really remember if they were offered.  I seem to remember the wedding favors of the last few I've been to were kinda cheapy stuff that I just didn't take!

    I may just do a small candy type favor! 

  • My bridal shower is in July, it's dinner at the winery. Low key get together, not registering for house things or anything like that, we've got all that already (we work backwards lol) but I know my girls got wine stopper favors for the guests. The winery includes a small bottle of wine for each guest over 21 so my girls thought a little wine stopper would be a great add on. And can totally be used again. 
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  • Yes, they still do them, although some people don't and it's not a big deal.  I went to a shower and the favor was a truffle.  It was delicious and I ate it before I even left!  lol

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