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It's a Boy!

We were really both surprised. We had been feeling like it was a girl just since this pregnancy was a complete opposite to Owen almost, but so wrong. This little guy just has a mind of his own already. Everything looked good on the scan so far. We have to go back for another US in 4 weeks because he wouldn't cooperate and let the Dr get a good look at his heart. It looked normal but it was a difficult angle so they would rather just recheck. I'm not complaining about another US though. Now we just have to think of a name for this one. I think its going to be harder for a 2nd one, we have no ideas yet.

Yay for being a boy Mama though!

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Re: It's a Boy!

  • YAY!! Congratulations!! Welcome to the mom of 2 boys club! I thought this baby was a girl too for the same reasons you did. Very exciting! It wasn't too hard to come up with a 2nd boy name for us, so there's hope.
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  • We had to get a 2nd u/s for Isaac for the same reason and he is perfect!  I wasn't too disappointed about the 2nd u/s either since DH had been travelling for the first one so he got to come see him the second time.

    Congrats on baby boy #2!!!!!

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  • Congrats!!!!
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  • congratulations!!


  • Congrats on baby boy #2!
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  • Congratulations on your baby boy!
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  • YAY!  Congratulations!!!!

    all three of my pregnancies were nothing alike, all boys!  and the names get harder every time! 

  • Congrats!! They will be best buddies!
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