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Great deals on baby stuff at Essex!

I wasn't sure where to post this, but since it looks like these stores are mainly in TN I thought it should go here.

I love Essex! (I think they are in the process of changing their name to Bargain Hunt)

They have all kinds of stuff that is overstocks, scratch and dent, or returns. Every store is different, but they all usually have a good selection of baby stuff and they get new stuff every week. Here are some of the big finds so far:

  • Petunia Pickle Bottom Clutch-- Reg: $89  Paid: $36
  • Motorola Monitor-- Reg: $230  Paid:$113
  • Snuggabunny Swing -- Reg: $130  Paid: $70
  • Zen collection Bassinet-- Reg: $270 Paid: $100
  • Graco Snugride 35-- Reg: $130  Paid: $60
  • Graco Snugride Swing/Stand-- Reg: $70   Paid $20
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