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Update on the daycare drama...

Thanks to all of you who responded. It is the Creme on the Westside for those of you that asked. I also appreciate all of the recommendations for other centers. We are definitely going to look into other options. I already started calling and most that are close to us have a long waiting list, so my plan is to get on that waiting list so that I have an option if things do not improve, if things do improve we will stay put.

My husband and I both met with the Director and seriously voiced our concerns.  We do think the problem is the number of other teachers helping out in the 0-6 mo infant room. There are 2 main teachers, but when they are out/on break they do have a lot of floaters from the other sections that are not as familiar with the babies. The Director said that they planned to reduce the number of individuals that helped cover the 2 main teachers, and she also assured me that these incidents would not happen again and that the individual that fed Grant's breastmilk to another baby had been written up (1st time in her 5 yr employment). For now I am going to give them the benefit of the doubt, because like I previously mentioned....I LOVE everything else about the center, and Grant is absolutely happy there..

I'm going to start putting food dye in his milk. I think I'll do orange for halloween this week .............. just kidding :-).

Re: Update on the daycare drama...

  • thanks for the update. i have had some issues with Truitt's MDO lately that had me thinking of you. while the BM mix up in inexcusable, the sippy cup stuff i would let roll off my back. at Tru's school right now, there seems to be a different "teacher" everyday and it continues to make the transition difficult for him. i hate dropping him off wondering who is going to be in his class that day. he also hates walking in to class and seeing an unfamiliar face.

    i have some cleanliness issues as well. plus, there were some things that happened right when he 1st started that weren't enough to make me not send him, but are factoring in to my decision to pull him out.

    i am researching new MDO programs but expect wait lists as well.... just from where i sit, i would gladly take lost supplies for a place i otherwise loved. knowing her enough already, i can tell you all the Dir of Tru's school would offer is some half hearted excuses.

    anyway, sounds like you got a good response and that things are looking up. why aren;t there people out there who are as committed to being the perfect daycare/MDO as we are to being perfect parents? ugh!

  • I am glad you talked to the director!  I hope you don't have any more issues and can stay there.  I can't imagine how stressful it would be to find a new center!
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  • I'm glad they're going to take steps to correct that.

    Anything we were concerned about always seemed to get resolved -- even that we wanted less transition between teachers in the toddler rooms. I guess a couple of sets of parents wanted that so they kept the same teachers in T1-T4. It made life much easier on DS and his friends.

    Good luck and I hope you find a place to settle into that does right by your family.

  • I'm glad you talked to the director. I hope they are able to resolve the issues so you don't have to change schools.
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