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2nd Trimester

Is it normal to feel "not pregnant" in the second trimester?

My husband and I are super excited about having our first child. But I just entered my second trimester and the nausea is gone, as is the fatigue. I am barely showing and have plenty of energy. Which is wonderful, but I also sort of feel like I am not pregnant.. like I almost don't notice it anymore. Am I a horrible mother-to-be or is this a fairly common experience?

Re: Is it normal to feel "not pregnant" in the second trimester?

  • Not at all horrible :) You and I are alot alike, until about 20 weeks, i was not showing either and nobody had a clue.

    I had ms for 7 days only, and have not really had any other pregnancy symptoms.

    We are the lucky ones.


  • For me, I had the same thing.  Especially before your belly gets bigger and you feel LO all the time.  Times like that I would grab the doppler to make sure he was still in there!

    Congrats on the LO and hang in there!

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  • No, totally normal.  I was worried, and had convinced myself at my 15w check up that they were not going to find the heartbeat.  My energy has returned, my boobs don't hurt, and still not feeling movement so I also don't 'feel' pregnant.  They found the heartbeat immediately and basically told me I should be thrilled I feel so good.

    Glad you are feeling well, and congrats on your first baby!

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  • I totally felt this way.  I didn't have any nausea at all, the only "symptom" was being really tired.  I felt that way until just last week, actually.  I am now 21 weeks, and am definitely starting to get bigger and feeling the baby kick.  I still don't feel pregnant except for when the baby kicks.  I just feel fat!
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  • I went through the same phase.  I still don't have many symptoms at 16 weeks, except the occasional head ache, but I am now starting to show (I wore my maternity pants for the first time on Monday) and I just started to feel the baby move in the last few days, too.  It was frustrating to not "feel" pregnant but it'll pass quickly! Smile
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  • I hear it's normal and I am jealous...with DD the 2nd Tri was a breeze. This time I am more exhausted and throwing up almost daily Sad
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  • I'm going through the same thing.  I'll be 17 weeks tomorrow.  Haven't been sick at all.  Barely showing, not feeling movement.  I think it's normal!  (I hope so!)
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  • Don't sweat it! Just be happy Smile    Believe me, it won't last... once you start getting those kicks inside you and being tired rolls back in, then the soreness, in addition to pregnancy brain, you'll feel a little more like it's real. Even then I still have felt great, but the bump def helps remind me!! lol
  • I think it's a wonderful break from my awful first trimesters and the uncomfortable third. Right now I don't feel pregnant at all- I feel like I am getting fat (tho I am beginning to form a real small bump-yay!)

    I say enjoy it.  

  • Its totally. Normal! 2nd trimester is a nice break between the other two crappy trimesters! Its like the golden period of pregnancy, enjoy it while it lasts!
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  • I am so glad that you asked this question..I feelt the same way. I didn't have any m/s in my first trimester so the only pg symtoms was my growing achy boobs and my growing belly. Now in my second trimester, my boobs don't ache as much and that's about it. I haven't felt the baby move so i feel like i'm not preggers. I can't wait until I feel the baby move!
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  • It is very common! Just the past couple weeks, I have started feeling like I'm definitely pregnant. Enjoy it! That is why they call it the honeymoon trimester!!
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  • I think that you are lucky!

    All the websites and baby books say that a lot of symptoms quiet down in the second trimiester and that this is the best time of pregnancy.  It doesn't happen for everyone, so enjoy it.

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  • It's very common!

    I still have times when I don't feel pregnant, even when she's kicking me, it's weird. I think I'm like a guy, I'll only accept it's reality once I get a baby handed to me.

    Eleanor Gwendolyn
  • I have times when I don't feel pregnant. My belly isn't big, I haven't gained a lot of weight, I'm not having weird cravings. The only thing that reminds me that there IS a baby in there, is his crazy kicking and the un-bearable reflux I have when I lay down at night. :) But it's mainly his kicking.

  • You are definitly normal. I didn't really gain any weight or have any symptoms until closer to month 4.

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  • I said the same thing! Enjoy it while it lasts :) I didn't gain weight or show until I was about 18 weeks and then I didn't start feeling any discomfort until week 22. I just started having a hard time sleeping this week because I keep waking up on my back (ouch).
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  • Yeah, totally normal. Enjoy it! I felt like this with first pregnancy but this time around, my nausea isn't as bad as it used to be but I really feel like a fat, out of shape slob most of the time. :( I feel like I can't stand for too long. I get exhausted doing simple things...I'm ready for my body to be back to "normal."
  • I'm with the OP, I don't feel pregnant and I have a hard time enjoying it.  I'm so worried that something is going to be wrong at my appt. tomorrow that I'm not really enjoying anything. 

    My appts have been at the end of each month, and while everything is so far so good, now that I've told people, I feel like my lack of symptoms is a bad sign.  I'm torn because I appreciate not being sick, but wish there were at least some reassuring body sign that everything is ticking along in there.  

    Can I install a telly tubby style TV screen on there or something? Wink

  • I had very mild m/s throughout the first trimester. Never even puked once. Then that went away completely as I was entering my 2nd trimester. So for a while there, I didn't feel pregnant. It hasn't helped that I haven't gained any weight and I'm not showing either. Now, I'm really feeling pregnant because I'm feeling achy all over, my belly rounded out a little, and starting to feel LO moving in there. You're symptoms will come back and they may just having you longing for the time that you were feeling good. Don't worry.

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