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Mothers Lactation Tea

Has anyone tried mothers lactation tea. I believe it is sold at GNC. I am curious if you noticed any difference and how many cups did you drink per day.


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  • I drank Mothers Milk Tea (from a health food store, also in the organic section at Kroger).  I only drank 1, maybe 2, cups a day, but I combined that with eating oatmeal, increasing water, and I also pumped and I have never had a supply issue since.
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  • I bought some at a health food store (vitamin cottage).  Honestly, it tastes terrible to me.  I could only choke down a few cups. 

    I would recommend taking a supplement instead.  Some people take fenugreek.  I take more milk plus--it comes in pill form.  It makes a difference to me, and the lactation consultants I've spoken to say it's the best they've seen.

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  • From what I have read, the tea certainly can't hurt anything, but if you are really needing to increase supply then there is nowhere near enough herbs in it to do that - you need to take a supplement instead. Talk to your care provider, a lactation consultant, or the women at La Leche League - they can recommend type, dosage, etc.
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