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my mom needs baby shower ideas..please help?

my baby girl is due in may, we dont have a theme of animals just, green, blue, yellow...neither me nor my mother hev any idea how to throw a shower...can you give us any ideas? were having it at my moms church, I was thinking basic balloons, some streamers, maybe put some candy favors on the tables..and I thought it would be cute to put some pictures out of me when I was a newborn? Its going to be a potluck..but I still want some cute inexpensive creative stuff going on. would LOVE some feedback..
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Re: my mom needs baby shower ideas..please help?

  • Where to begin... If you search Google images for baby shower decorations you will get tons of ideas.

    I will comment no further.

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  • with the colors you could do a "flower theme" If you google "tissue paper flowers" you can make awesome and inexpensive centerpieces :)  Potlucks are fun but I would not have a registry if you are going potluck... The food would be the gift. If you want a registry then maybe have the shower mid-afternoon and just serve dessert and finger foods. GL with everything :)
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  • eehhhh if its a "shower" even if it is potluck people will still bring her gifts. I know if i was attending i would. I dont think because you brought a macaroni salad that means thats your "gift" If the food was the gift then it would just be considered a "luncheon" not a "shower" which is where the new mother is "showered with gifts" i would say you are fine having the potluck and registering.


    as far as ideas for decorations go, the ideas are endless, throw ideas at your mom that you like flowers or use photographs of your childhood or ultrasound pictures of the baby in frames with some babyblocks around them. really its anything your mom would like to do there is no right or wrong really! HAVE FUN WITH IT :)

  • I agree with the pp that says just because it is a potluck you cannot register.  Most "church showers" are that way.  Mine was a bit smaller...just our Sunday School class so there was just one hostess and she did basically everything including the food.  It was a Sunday afternoon with just finger foods. 

    As far as decor you could get small flowering plants in April (if your shower is then) in the colors you mentioned.  Blue is hard...maybe use blue tissue paper to wrap the pots and/or blue ribbon.  The green would be the foliage.  You can use them as center pieces and also give them as prizes.  I went to one shower that had cylinder vases as centerpieces and in them were small stems of silk flowers that were attached with the green florist tape to pens.  They had games so each person grabbed a pen (which became our "favor") and the person that won the game got the vase.  I think they had colored stones in the bottom of the vases and a ribbon around them. 

    Like the other pp can find thousands of ideas if you google baby shower decor or baby shower ideas, etc.

  • I am doing a polka dot theme for my sister's shower at the end of March. I will have chinese lanterns hanging from the ceiling. On the tables I am cutting a 12x12 square of polka dot wrapping paper to ut under the centerpieces, which are mini watering cans with polka dots coming out of the spout attached with floral wire. Honestly though, you don't have to have a theme. And I don't agree with pp about not registering. Registries are not just for people who are having showers, and even if I had to bring a dish for a pot luck, i'd still bring a gift.
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