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Cary obgyn thoughts?

Hi here! Took a test last week and it was positive YAY! Now just the long long wait to our first Dr. appt!

We are going with Cary is not covering us and they were able to give us an up front quote on cost which is helpful in the long run.

Wanted to see if anyone goes there or went there and what the thoughts were.


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Re: Cary obgyn thoughts?

  • I can't help you with the Cary Obgyn, but wanted to say congrats and welcome!


    Are you from Spokane?  I moved to NC from Seattle 2 years ago. 

  • Hi.....I went there and had a good experience.  I've seen Dr. Anthony and Dr. Bonpain and liked them.
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  • Dr Bonpain delivered K and I loved her.  I really like her and Dr Maydew.  Dr Stephenson was okay (only saw her once).  I didn't particularly care for Dr Anthony or Dr Wycoff, though I think I may have just caught Dr Anthony on a bad day.  Everyone else seemed to like them.

    Also, I went in with the desire for a natural med free birth, so that may play some role in my opinions :)

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  • I have been going there for a long time now. Dr Anthony delivered my daughter. Wycoff is not one I would recommend but that might just be my opinion.... All other doctors there are fantastic.
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