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Has anyone used the kids club at La Fitness?

Did anyone have any issues with safety,care etc?

Re: Has anyone used the kids club at La Fitness?

  • We did when Matthew was smaller, contained to the swing or would only sit AND before separation anxiety hit us.  I would say the ratio clearly is not ideal and most of the kids that go to the Perimeter location are older, so it can be pretty chaotic for smaller kids.  Weekends also are definitely more crowded than weekday mornings. 
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  • Thank you for the response. My daughter Alex is 9 months and I would like to workout more but I'm afraid to leave her in the kids club. I may have to bite the bullet and get up earlier and while DH is home.
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  • No issues! We started going to a new one and she was usually the only kid in there. Before we were at that one, we were at one that was really crowded and the ratio was off but we never had any safety issues.  She was fine, even though she screamed the hole time due to separation issues that were normal for that age. 
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  • DD doesn't come with me often, but I will use it on occasion. 

    I hate that's it is right near the front door at almost every location, and you can watch the kids from outside through the windows. I try to get a machine facing the front desk area so I can watch who's going in and out of the building. If I take a class, I'll check on her immediately after I finish. 

    I tend not to be a worrier, but it does concern me how easily someone could slip in or out relatively unnoticed.

  • Not sure where you live, but I LOVE the kid center at my YMCA.  We go to the one on Moores Mill, but I have friends and family that go to a bunch of the other ones and they all have had really good experiences as well. 
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  • There is a new(ish) one by me, opened this summer I think, and my friend went to do a tour. She walked into the kids club, and there were 9 kids, and no adult. She left, waited a few minutes, no adult came back, she went and found a manager who went back with her and an adult was in there now. She said she had to go to the bathroom. They didn't have anyone else in there and these kids were completely alone, and my friend just walked in, so anyone could have. She was not happy.
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