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Pumping while at home

Hi Everyone!

I need some advice on how to get 3-4 pumping sessions in while I am at home with baby. I go back to work on Dec. 1st, my son will be just over 3 months. Nov 1st I want to continue my freezer stash (I took a break). I figure 30 days should give me plenty of time to grow the stash. I now have roughly 20 freezer bags of 2-4oz of milk each.

It seems challenging with the baby and trying to pump, but I want to do it to increase my milk supply.

Help! For those of you who started your freezer stash early, how did you do it while taking care of your little one!


Re: Pumping while at home

  • I basically pumped whenever he was sleeping.  It was the only chance I had.
  • I don't know about getting 3-4 sessions in per day... but when DS was still at home with me, I would pump on one side while he nursed on the other side, during his first nursing session of the morning.  Just by doing that I was able to get a good little freezer stash going for when I returned to work. 
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  • I pump usually an hour after she eats or pump one boob while she's nursing on the other.?

    I just pumped while dd was on my lap on her tummy after nursing. ?

  • When/if I pump I do it on the other breast after she's nursed & fallen asleep.  I alternate & only do it a couple of times a day, but I'm sure you could get in a few more times that way if needed.
  • Ha!  I try to pump with 2 underfoot!  :o)  It isn't easy which is why I don't do it very often!
  • I just pumped between feedings.  It's rough but doable.  I lost supply with my first and I was scared it'd happen again, so I pumped to get a good stash.  I'm STILL not out of the stash yet.  I haven't pumped in about 3 months.
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  • I pump every morning after feeding him. He is the happiest then so I put him on his activity mat. I also pump every night around 9pm (he is in bed and doesn't wake for 5-8 hours). I have been doing this for almost a month and my freezer is full. DH and I are going to get a deep freezer this weekend b/c I'm running out of room.
  • I am EP'ing so I pump whenever she sleeps and when DH is home. He feeds her while I pump. I'm still pumping every 3-4 hours at night too. I pump right after I feed her at night.

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