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Pumping - how often?

How often / much do you pump during the day?  I'll be going back to work mid-Dec (full time) so I need to start building up a supply.  Luckily I am able to pump 2-4oz at one setting right now which I am doing once a day.  How often should I be pumping NOW since she is still EBF? 


Re: Pumping - how often?

  • Have you started practicing with the bottle yet?

    The sooner you start, the better. Give her a bottle a day of BM (have you DH give it to her while you pump). If you wait too long, she could reject the bottle and you'll have much more trouble later getting her to take it.

    If you pump more then she needs, you can start building up a freezer stash, though you don't need a huge stash.

    I had about 75 oz in the freezer when I went back to work, and only used maybe 20 oz of it (and I kept adding to it with the extra BM I would pump at work). What I pumped today will go with DS to daycare tomorrow, so I don't pull from the freezer much, unless its an emergency.

    GL! The Working Moms board is a great board for talking with other working moms.


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  • We're planning on introducing a bottle within the next week (possibly tonight depending on how things go) - I was told wait at least 3-4 weeks so you don't run into latch issues.  I didn't realize her taking a bottle could be such an issue if we waited too long.  :-(

    And I've avoided the working moms board, I'm still in denial that I'll have to go back.  Wahhh!!!


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  • I started pumping around 3 wks because I returned to work at 6 wks.  I would try to pump at least twice a day and freeze it.  A few times a week I would have DH give DS a bottle to get him used to it before daycare.  He still didn't really like it when he started but after the first week he can eat from a bottle with no problem.  Just make sure to try different bottles to see which kind DC likes best.  DS likes nothing but playtex drop ins with the laytex nipple.
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