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where to get halloween maternity shirt?

Any ideas on where I can find a cute halloween maternity shirt? I've seen them online but obviously I procrastinated and can't order anything to get here by Friday. I was thinking of running over to Target or Motherhood but if anyone knows of any specific places that have anything, that will save me from running around aimlessly! TIA :)

Re: where to get halloween maternity shirt?

  • I would try Motherhood before you run to Target. Actually you can call up your nearest Motherhood and just ask, they are usually super nice and will definitely help you save a trip if they don't have one.

    When I was at Target looking for a Halloween shirt for myself they didn't have a huge selection and I don't recall seeing any maternity ones, but it doesn't mean they don't have them. I just didn't see them. Smile

  • TARGET!!!! Just buy one of their regular shirts in an XL. That's what I did and it fits over my 36 week belly!!

     I just posted some pics in one of the shirts on my blog:


     They have some that are very stretchy and made of that thinner material that is popular these days with teenagers (what I got), and some others that is just regular t-shirt material (which did not work for me).

     The shirts are only $5. :)

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  • You don't need a maternity shirt! Just buy a regular tee in a bigger size. ;-) I got a Halloween tee at Wal-mart for $5.
  • you can always paint a pumpkin on your belly...like i did when i was pregnant :)
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  • Thanks! Yeah, I don't necessarily need a maternity shirt, just wanted something cute and halloween-y to fit over my belly. The Target shirts sound perfect (and cheap...even better!)
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