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missed period/ negative test

I am 8 days late. My period is always right on schedule. I have taken 3 pregnancy tests, but they have all been negative! I have been going to the bathroom literally every 30 to 45 minutes. I am considering going to the Dr, but just wanted to get some feedback to see if anyone else has dealt with something like this?
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Re: missed period/ negative test

  • I had the same issue. I had an IUD and it was causing my body to do crazy things. Then I had it removed and had a normal cycle then i was almost 2 weeks late the out of nowhere my period showed up. But if you really think you might be pregnant it never hurts to call your dr and just find out for sure.
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  • The line on my pregnancy test was never really noticeable, I just knew that I had missed my period. I took 3 tests, I believe, and each time I thought "Hmm... that could be a line..." best way to know and make sure it's nothing serious is to go to your doctor, especially if you're 8 days late.
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  • I wouldn't bother paying to go to the doctor until you're way late, like 30 days. Keep testing every few days if you want, or every week, until then.

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  • I always have a regular period and then this past September I was more than 2 weeks late.  I think I took about 5 tests-all negative.  I couldn't believe it, but then low and behold my period came.  The next month my period was off by a day. Then in November it just didn't come at all...but the pink stripe did!
  • I would wait a little while. Cycles can be affected by many things... our diets, a change in environment (bizarre weather changes, a move, etc.). Wait a couple more weeks and see what happens. If you still haven't gotten your period by, let's say the 8th... then schedule a doctor's appointment and see what happens... Maybe you could keep this under the wraps from hubby and if you are pregnant you could surprise him on Valentine's Day! 
  • This has been me the past few months.  One month on time...next month 10 days late.  I know mine is related to stress and diet but it totally messes with your head regardless because at this point you want something to show up so the madness can stop.  But I agree with the others, hang in there for a few more days and maybe call your doctor if you haven't gotten AF.  Good luck!!!


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