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flu shot

mady's pedi advised us on the flu shot.

she says it may be a good idea to protect her from the flu since its not the "common cold" that everyone thinks it is, for babies it is harder for them to fight it off.

have any of you given your dc this shot? she advised it comes with a booster that will be given to her on a seperate ocassion.

her vaccines are this saturday and i want to make sure i have my info straight.


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Re: flu shot

  • Dr. Villar advised you to get it??? Weird. When we were there two weeks ago for Mikey's 12 month shots she mentioned one of the shots was the flu shot. I asked if I can opt out of it because I personally believe that the flu shot is useless seeing that it only protects against a few strains and the chances of him getting one of those strains is pretty slim. She was totally cool with us skipping it.

    I did my research before deciding though. Yes if a baby gets the flu it can be bad but to me the chances are just so slim that Mikey would happen to catch one of those that would protect him with the flu shot.

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