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Pelvic Pain/Crossfit

I have been doing crossfit for awhile and once I got pregnant I continued to do it, but just modified some things.  I'm 23 weeks now and have noticed a big change in what I can and can't do over the past 3 weeks.  Anyway, on Saturday I did some lunges whhile carrying a 25# weight overhead.  Afterwards, my lower stomach hurt when I walk.  I had a pretty tough time getting around that afternoon.  It almost felt like I strained some muscles.  I took it really easy yesterday, but now my pelvic area hurts when I walk.  Almost like I did something to the bone.  Has anyone else had this experience?  Did it go away?  At first, I was worried about the baby, but he has been moving around and everything seems fine.  I work with kids, so it's hard to stay off my feet and take it easy.  Should I call my Dr?

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  • Hi there - I'm a 2 year crossfitter, and though I'm yet to do it while pregnant (still TTC #1), I know that walking OH lunges work the abs - hard. Maybe with the stress of everything you are feeling the strain in a different way? As long as you didn't do any funky twists (both backwards & side to side) while you had the weight overhead, you should be fine. But it never hurts to call the DR just to double check. :) I hope it goes away quickly!
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  • I wonder if perhaps your psoas muscles tightened up?  I could see how OH lunges might cause them to act weird during pregnancy (i.e. trying to stabilize a changing body).

    My chiro was working to stretch mine a couple weeks ago (with his elbow Indifferent) and for the next couple of days, I felt like some one had kicked me straight in the pubic bone.  I knew that's what it was from though, so I just gave it a few days and it got better.

  • I am having that same pelvic pain a day or two after i run. It usually goes away quickly but not this time. I am wondering if the chiropractor could help. I think i am going to put it on my list to ask the doctor about at my next appointment. Let me know if you check it out or find something that helps Smile
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  • I've been doing Crossfit as well. I havent had any pelvic pain but I'm wondering if your hips are moving and since the muscles supporting that area are fatigued or in the process of rebuilding if its causing additional pain for you.  If you are really concerned I would talk with your dr.  Give it a couple days and take it easy maybe think of using lighter weights the next time. Some LIGHT pelvic pain is normal when you are pregnant your pelvic region, hips, ligaments are all expanding, stretching and shifting be sure to listen closely to your body while working out. GL!!
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