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Anderson Hills Pediatrics?

Just wanted to see if anyone goes to this office (in Beechmont)?  If so, thoughts?  Thanks!!

Re: Anderson Hills Pediatrics?

  • We go to the Amelia office and see Dr. Shrader, we love her! Have never been to the Beechmont office, so I can't speak to that location or Dr.'s. 
  • We go to Dr. Broderick in Amelia (Rt 125 office)- we love him! The office is great. :D

    We have also seen Dr. Schrader, Dr. Saluke, Dr. McGovern at different times. They are wonderful. Two friends of mine also go to this office.  

    Do you mean the Anderson one off Five Mile? 



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  • They are wonderful.  Anderson is our main office we go to...but we go to Amelia, as well.  Dr. McGovern is our main doctor and he is wonderful.  We also love Dr. Saluke and Dr. Shrader.  They all have a really good reputation.

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  • We see Dr. Hilton.  She is great.  Also have seen Dr. Broderick and one other that I can't think of his name.  We have been really happy so far and I like to think I'm pretty picky :) 
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  • I have two boys that are 7 and 4 and we have been going to Dr. Broderick since birth. Great practice. I have been to both the Amelia and Beechmont location and have seen most of the dr's in the practice. Everyone is always very nice and helpful. I love Anderson Hills Ped :-)

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