Just wrote to B&N and Borders

After visiting yet another bookstore (this one B&N) this weekend and finding nothing on adoption, I just wrote to their customer service centers. I can't believe that my Borders even has a section labeled "Adoption & Parenting" and there's not a single adoption book on the shelf!

We'll see if they respond...

Re: Just wrote to B&N and Borders

  • For unclear reasons the borders by us has all the adoption stuff in with the kids/ baby books. It seems a little cruel to me, but good work by you! 
  • My favorite (not!) sighting was the shelf at Barnes & Noble which is labeled
    "STEP-PARENTING SPECIAL NEEDS ADOPTION ".  And then when you look to find the ADOPTION books, the only one available is the Dummies book. 

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  • all the B&N i've been to have adoption sections and they're clearly labeled, you just have to look for it in depth.
  • I purchase mine from Amazon because the Borders and B&N in my area don't really have any adoption books, very few. It's frustrating I know. Amazon is less expensive as well.
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  • Nice work!  I thought about doing that as well when we first started looking for books.  We dont' have a borders in our B&N was the only place I could fine one.  And they were right in between the What to Expect books and raising a child with special needs.  I had to ask someone to point them out to me-because I looked for literally a half hour and found nothing...and the whole 3 books they had on adoption wasn't that appealing either. 
  • I know for sure the B&N store didn't have anything this weekend. I tried looking up adoption books on their customer service kiosks, and they had a grand total of 3 results. And I think they were all literature, not non-fiction.
  • Very good of you. I agree there is nothing on adoption.
  • Maybe you should also copy the individual stores or talk to the GMs there. Our B&N had an adoption section with several books (at least 10). Of course it's right next to the children's section and under the pregnancy books but it's there. Keep us posted on if they respond!

  • Borders forwards customer comments to the individual store. I heard from them and they said if things are out of stock, they'd be happy to order things for me.

    I explained that my point is, there's NEVER any adoption books in the ADOPTION section. I just don't think they get it.

    I may have to just bring it up in person the next time I'm standing in front of the Adoption section looking at books on how to parent my toddler...

  • I had the same experience at our location. Like a previous poster, I went to Amazon and got my books. And when I was done with them, any that I didn't want to keep I donated the library, so hopefully some other person won't have to go through the struggle I did to find those stinkin' books!
  • I had a similar experience a few days ago as well....thanks for being a "voice for us" Dr. Loretta! I did find a great book in B n N a year ago entitled "The Ultimate Insider's Guide To Adoption" by Elizabeth Swire Falker. She also authored a great book on IVF, called The Infertility Survival Guide". I read that when I was doing treatment and found it be candid, authentic and valuable.  When we decided to look at our other options, I purchased her adoption book, and the author, Liz, is an adoptive parent herself with a number of failed IVF cycles behind her. She is an attorney and had changed her practice to adoption consulting and we are currently under contract with her for our adoption! She awesome to work with and so far, our experience has been great!
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