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Lower back/glute pain

Hey Ladies- Just wondering if any of you were experiencing lower back or glute pain? Mine has been intermittent since yesterday, and I can't figure out if I have pulled a muscle during a workout or if it is the baby causing it?? It seems like it is pretty early to already be having pain from the baby, I barely have a tiny bump. Anyone else??

Re: Lower back/glute pain

  • Ive been experiencing the SAME thing and i'm only 12 weeks...the pain is in my tailbone area and feels like it radiates to my right cheek sometimes : ). Im interested in the answers as well b/c I too thought I pulled a muscle or something crazy. Ive been using a heating pad for about 15 min/day and taking Tylenol and it seems to have helped it quite a bit.   
  • Yes and lots for a couple weeks now, especially when I sit in one position for too long. It's only getting worse, but then, I'm only getting bigger. Doctor says it's just everything moving around and muscles stretching out. I like the heating pad, but I tend to sit on that for too long at a time and it kinda defeats the purpose.
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  • It is my right cheek too!! That is funny. I don't have a heating pad, but my car's heated seats are becoming my new best friend! :) Glad to know I am not the only one, it reassures me that I haven't been over doing it with my workouts.
  • Welcome to sciatica. It didn't affect me with DS but it's nearly daily w/ this one. Stretches help ( like crossing your feet and doing a standing bend, or the yoga pose pigeon). Themost effective one for me is laying down on my back, knees bent, then placing the ankle of one foot onto the knee of the other and pulling both towards my tummy. Good luck!
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  • I've been having the same pain.  I was worried because it started hurting at the end of my tailbone and that was at about 10 weeks.  Now it's moved into my glutes and it's always the worst in the morning.  I heard it's pretty normal, our bodies are getting ready for childbirth:)
  • It is sciatica. Mine started kicking in around 7-8 weeks but after a few weeks it disappeared and hasn't returned again. Your body is just stretching out and pinching a nerve. Sleep on the opposite side of the pain and put hot compresses on it.
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  • Thanks guys for all the great suggestions. Yoga tomorrow, and I am going to foam roll tonight. Hopefully that will do the trick!
  • I totally had sciatica when I was about 10 weeks.  I thought I had pulled something, but my friend who is a massage therapist (and went through the same thing with her pregnancy) told me what it was.

    Boy was I glad when it went away because it was painful to walk sometimes. But I got it on the left side :)

  • I have the exact same thing but for me its actually posterior pelvic pain. Basically, it's not nerve related at all but instead it comes from the joint in your hip (has a fancy name I can't think of at the moment).  As your muscles and ligaments relax, it causes weakness in the joint so things like prolonged sitting, excessive walking, and standing for long periods of time can make it worse.  For me the pain is most noticeable at the end of the day because I sit all day at work.  The most helpful things I have found are: getting up to walk frequently at work instead of sitting all day and laying down on the opposite side of the side that hurts whenever I can.  This may not apply to all of you, but it really helped me!
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