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CPW: Is your DH a wimp?

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Re: CPW: Is your DH a wimp?

  • My DH just goes into denial when he has a cold. I wish sometimes he'd be a bit more of a wimp rather than going to work (especially since he CAN work from home) and spreading his germs and making everyone else sick. I hate it when people bring their illness around me! 
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  • Mine rarely gets sick so when he does, he's usually down for the count for awhile. If he just gets the sniffles, he takes medicine and moves on.
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  • "Could you rub my back? I don't feel good"....I think this came out of him last time he had a cold. DD and I were both sick, but DH was still the biggest baby about it.
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  • Neither of us get sick very often, I can't even remember the last bad cold he had. He's normally pretty tough. My dad on the other hand acts like he is going to die after one sniffle. I think that's a normal guy thing.
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  • DH gets the sniffles and he thinks he's dying. Right now he has the cold DS and I battled last week. He's being a bigger baby about it than DS.

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