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A good looking, healthy baby boy!  We are so excited that everything looked good on the u/s and we are thrilled to have "one of each."  Now, I have to start thinking about boy things & names. A whole new world!

It looks like May will have lots of new little baby boys :)  

In other news, E's appointment went well.  They did an x-ray and did not see the crack that was seen at the ER last week.  The doc said that kids her age heal quickly and the part that she injured was very thin so it should heal very nicely.  She does have a big arm cast (purple!) and it will come off on Valentine's Day (4 weeks).  No need for surgery!!!!  We are so thrilled!

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Re: It's a ....

  • Congratulations again!  Good news with E too.
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  • Hooray! Congrats :)
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  • Congrats again on your baby boy! :-) And I'm so glad that E's break wasn't too severe. Hoping dealing with a cast won't be too much of a pain for you. Definitely sounds like it could have been a lot worse!

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  • Congratulations on a little boy!!!  And yay for no surgery too!

    Wow, I used to always be wrong but I have been right for so many recent polls!

    My sweet boy :)
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  • You know I am so happy for you!! You need to update Facebook!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!



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  • Aw, congrats on the healthy baby boy! Boys are a lot of fun. :)

    I'm so glad to hear the good news about E's arm too. What a relief!

  • I'm so excited for you!!! Boys are a blast! 

    I'm glad E's arm is doing well, I'm sure that's been a nightmare for you! I hope she does well with her cast!
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  • Yay for good news all around!! Hope E does well with the cast!
  • So excited for you! What a day full of great news! Amazing how quickly E's arm is healing. And little boys are awesome! :)
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  • Great news all the way around!  Hooray for a boy and great news that she's healing nicely!  whew!
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  • Congrats!!!  And glad E's appt went well.
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  • boys are very popular on this board and for the month of May!! I'm so sad we don't live in NC anymore.  Our little guys would be best of friends. 

     So glad that E is doing so much better.  Hugs!

  • Congrats!

    Glad E won't need surgery!

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  • Congrats! One of each is definitely interesting, just seeing how different they are in every way :)  And good news for E too!
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