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Any 3 year olds NOT potty trained?

I keep reading about these 2 year olds potty training...and success...and Jeremiah turned 3 back in October and he's still wearing pull ups.  He has days where he'll go to the potty and days where he won' today he pooped in the potty this morning, but this afternoon it was in his pull up.  We stopped pushing the issue because the GI doctor told us he was very backed up in his colon and we we have to give him miralax and we figured pushing the issue right now would make matters worse for all of us.  

Anyway, not really anything I can do or you can say...just feeling discouraged by all these younger kids having success and still changing diapers....5+ years of changing diapers and I'm SICK of it!!  LOL!   


Re: Any 3 year olds NOT potty trained?

  • Caleb will be three next month, and I don't expect to be done at all! He's semi pee trained, but has not even really attempted to poop on the potty. We don't use any pull ups though, all underpants except when he's sleeping. I wouldn't worry about it - Jeremiah isn't that old. I think a lot of the potty trained 2 year olds are girls (and the boys are mostly just getting there!) 
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  • We haven't even addressed Kira PTing overnight since she's almost always soaking in the morning -- I honestly wouldn't be surprised if she's still in a diaper overnight when she turns 5.  She still has occasional accidents during the day too -- accidents were actually quite regular until about a month before her 4th birthday and she's had a few already in January.  It sucks!
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  • My son was just about to turn 4 before he was just took a while.  Lots of folks told me that boys are just harder, and that was no lie with mine ;)
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  • Havent even started with katie because shes showing zero interest

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