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Hi, girls.  Well, I had a ton of EWCM this morning and when I just went to the bathroom and wiped I had a lot of more, but it was red EWCM.  It was def streaked with blood.  Has anybody experienced this?  I have been taking OPT tests and actually just took a digital one and I haven't peaked yet for O so, I'm not sure what to make of this?

Re: Red EWCM?

  • Could just be that any, uh, TTC activity caused a bit of damage and hence the bleeding that is streaking/tinting your CM.  I've had that before.  It should stop in a couple days and begin to lighten up.  You can also just call your OB/GYN to see what they think.

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  • FF says it can have a whitish or even a pink/red tinge - both are normal.
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  • Has this happened before? Some women spot during ovulation, and it mixes with the EWCM. Also, the cervix can get irritated with sex, and sometimes it bleeds a little. I wouldn't worry unless it's painful or you keep spotting for a while.
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