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Poll - what are we having? & quick update

Today is the day. Finally, we're going to our big ultrasound.  We have decided to find out and I am feeling boy.  This pregnancy has been VERY different than the first time around! 

Also today, we're headed to the orthopedic doctor to have E's arm looked at.  She fell down the stairs last Wednesday night and after a lovely 6 hour visit to the ER they determined that she broke a bone in her elbow.  She's been in a temporary splint since then and should be getting a hard cast today.  I am very anxious about the talk of possible surgery.  Also, I'm trying to figure out how to dress and entertain her for the next 6 weeks with a hard cast.  Ideas welcome!

here's the poll - 



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Re: Poll - what are we having? & quick update

  • GL today! I voted boy. Hope you get some good news about E's arm too!
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  • I'm excited that you are finding out! I voted girl. :)

    I hope things go smoothly with E's arm!

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  • I can't vote anymore but can't wait to find out!!

    And i'm so sorry about E's arm.  Sounds painful and stressful.  Hopefully everything works out.  Hugs


  • Poor E and poor mommy! So sorry you are having to go through all of this, but hopefully the excitement with the ultrasound will help your mood with whatever u find out at the orthopedic dr today. I dont know what to do to for 6 weeks...lots of chilling, movies, games or quiet play. The clothes thing is hard because i know the cast will cover her arm on the one side so that could have short sleeves where as the other arm wouldn't. I guess worst case you could cut the arm off a few plain and cheap long sleeve shirts and put them on under shortsleeves to keep the one arm warm that doesn't have the cast but then not have to worry about the size of the other arm. Good luck!

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  • Please update us when you get a chance. Hope the ultrasound and trip to the orthoped. were both successful! Best of luck!!

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