How do you know if you overdid it? And then ... what do you do? — The Bump
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How do you know if you overdid it? And then ... what do you do?

DH put together the new TV stand, and I brought the old one out to the garbage. It weighed ... maybe 25-30 lbs, and I didn't pick it up or anything - I grabbed the metal pole in it and dragged it to the dumpster.

When I got back, I started cramping ... and was SO out of breath, and a little dizzy. 

Obviously tonight is a take it easy night, but should I be doing anything else? Theres no blood, etc, but I feel like I'm going to 2nd guess EVERYTHING. I don't want to live in a bubble ... but I don't want to hurt LO

Re: How do you know if you overdid it? And then ... what do you do?

  • When I over-do it, I'm super sick for the rest of the day. I just try to keep my feet up and relax. No cramping & no blood, you should be fine.
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  • That has happened to me twice.  Usually when I have over did it.  Last night was one of those moments.  I helped my cousin bring her laundry bags to my house, carried a sleeping 41lb DS in, and then went grocery shopping for 2hrs in the new Wegmans by my house.  Cue cramping, dizziness, and tiredness.  

    When it happened the first time I called my doc and she said I over did it and my body was telling me so.  Call your doc or 24hr nurse line and let them know.  If they aren't worried, then neither should you be.  But I would still inform them.

    Usually after I relaxed and got off my feet, I was feeling better in about 45min to 1hr.  Hope this helps. 

  • I overdid it on Saturday. The DH and I were in a pretty foul mood after the elective u/s since we didn't find out what we are having, so we decided to go to Palo Duro Canyon, which was on our way home. It's the second largest canyon in the U.S., behind, obviously, the Grand Canyon.

    Anyway, we got to the scenic overlook and saw the Visitors/Interpretive Center (I had to pee... bad!) and it required a climb back up to the car and boy, was it steep! I was out of breath, exhausted, and achy. I basically sat in the car the rest of the day out there and only got out of the car to eat lunch at the little restaurant/convenience store in the bottom of the canyon. I was better after that.

    Our little Red Raider is here and another is on its way!

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  • I think the key is to listen to your body and drink lots of water if you are up and about working on things or exercising. I over did it recently when cleaning out what will be the nursery and bringing things to the basement. Another time I felt worn out was just running to the store and putting away groceries after. It seems like a day to day thing for me, sitting down for about 30 minutes usually helps to recharge.
  • I have overdone it a couple times. I knew because I felt terrible (more than usual). I've been dizzy, felt nauseous out of no where, light headed, hot, achy, etc. My strategy has been to lay down, drink water, and try to eat something with some amount of nutritional value. I like to have fruit on hand for these occasions. The natural sugar seems to help me. That or a good complex carb - a whole grain/12 grain something or other with peanut butter is good, too.

    I also refuse to exert myself for the rest of the day and just make a point to take things easy. 

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