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Do you rotate your freezer stash?

I have a decent freezer stash of bmilk from my maternity leave, but am pumping enough at work now for DS at daycare. Shoudl i be putting some of my fresh milk in the freezer and thawing out some of the freezer stash periodically? What do you do?

Re: Do you rotate your freezer stash?

  • I think I would follow FIFO (first in first out) but this will be my first week pumping.
  • I freeze everything I pump on Friday, pump just in the mornings over the weekend, then bring 2 fresh and 2 thawed bottles to daycare on Monday.  She usually takes 3 bottles and I keep an extra, but if she only takes 2, I can use both of the fresh ones the next day.    I only started thawing recently, as the freezer bags got closer to 3 months old. 


  • I only rotated out when freezer stash approached the 3 month mark. I would just send one or two bottles with frozen, so DD would have at least one fresh bottle a day.  When the stash wasn't that old I sent all fresh.

    But I was traveling every month or two for work, so my freezer stash was mostly used while I was out of town. 

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  • Whatever I pump on Fri, Sat and Sun gets frozen.  On Mondays, I thaw the oldest milk from the stash and send that with DD to daycare.  It seems to be working. 

  • I have been using my old stash and putting freshly pumped milk in freezer so I make sure to use my old milk 1st.  I do sometimes use the milk I pumped from the day before though to help with using more storage bags.  I would just make sure you are using the milk before it "expires" etc. 
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  • I did not really rotate.  I used fresh whenever fresh was available and froze the extra.  I also have a deep freeze so the milk is good up to 12 months.  I don't pump anymore, but we're still using up some milk I pumped 6+ months ago.
  • Yes!

    I had 200oz when I went back to work.  I started rotating it out when it was approaching 3 months.  I also am adding a little each week to it (I'm close to 250oz now). 

    My rotation is going to be pretty constant since I have so many ounces and I'm continually replenishing it.  DD only gets 2-3 bottles at daycare so not much.  With rotating out my freezer stash I have to do about 1 or 2 bottles of frozen.  I usually have to add a little fresh in to get to the exact amount she needs, but she's been getting 1-2 bottles of frozen milk a day at daycare for the last month or so.  Its the only way I can keep up with not letting my freezer stash expire!

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  • This is what I always did - freze whatever I pumped on Fridays and any extra I had during the week and then Sunday night nights defrost the oldest milk in the freezer for Monday.
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