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2nd Time Moms: Frozen dinner ideas?

I've read and heard from multiple sources that a great use of nesting energy is to make frozen dinners and food to make life a little easier for when baby comes. I was wondering if any second time moms had done this, and if they had any recipes or tips to share.


Re: 2nd Time Moms: Frozen dinner ideas?

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    My friend just had her second baby and she did the prepared frozen meals and said they came in very handy.  Here is a website I found and has been helpful.  She has recipes but also a page on how to store/freeze the food (which containers to use, etc).


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    I'm a FTM, but I try and do this anyways since it's just 2 of us and I get tired of cooking all the time. Once I get my chest freezer, it will be easier. Any casserole I make, I do the normal amount, but put it in 2 smaller dishes. One of the dishes I line with a layer of foil, then plastic wrap, then spray with cooking spray. Dump the casserole in there and wrap the plastic around it, then the foil. You can put the whole thing in the freezer. Once its frozen, you can take the foil part out so you have your dish back! I just did this with stuffed shells. You can also pre-brown beef and put it in baggies and freeze so you can make quick tacos and things of that nature.
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    Thanks for the link and the tips. These are great!
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    This wedsite has a bunch of once a month cooking and they are healthy :)




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    I didn't with my first, but we didn't really need to.  Our families live nearby and we had a thing at our church where people sign up to bring meals for families who have new babies or have a sick family member or something else like that.  

    However, for this baby I might make a few things to keep in the fridge because I don't know that the church does the calendar thing for subsequent babies.  I also want to make sure I have stuff that DS will eat.  

    The only tip that I can think of is to buy disposable trays and pans so that your glass and metal pans are available if you want to use them  I'm planning on making and freezing a couple of pasta/ziti dishes, soup, chili and some veggies and meat so that I can throw those in the crock pot with some liquid if I need to. 

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    I am a first time mom, but I do often make things that can be frozen and then pull out during the week.

    I usually have a batch or two of pizza dough in the freezer, we love to make pizza on friday nights. 

    I love these spanikopitas, but they are a little time consuming, so I make a bunch, and then freeze them on a cookie sheet, once they are completely frozen I transfer them into a plastic bag. I bake them still frozen, just add an extra 5 minutes or so to the cooking time.


    SmittenKitchen is one of my favorite blogs, and she has a section of freezer friendly meals that look good.


    Finally, nearly all soups freeze well, so you can always make a large batch and portion it out into freezer safe containers.  I think dairy tends to break down in the freezer, so you might want to stay away from super creamy things, but I am not sure about that.


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