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Questions about registry annnd birthing videos

I have two questions... The first one... I'm going to set up a registry on Amazon.com because a lot of my friends/ coworkers have been requesting and recommending it...any feedback on Amazon registry? Is it just the wish list that I set up?  I'm technologically challenged, so forgive me if I sound dense.

 Second question... BD and I aren't doing birthing classes because of work schedules, cost (they are not offered at my hospital), and because my doctor said that we should focus more on a newborn care class and a breastfeeding class.  But BD feels like he should be informed a little bit on the goings on of popping a kid out (he doesn't know much of anything about vaginas other than how to put a baby in them apparently.  Any recommendations on birthing videos you ladies may have seen?

Appreciate your help!

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Re: Questions about registry annnd birthing videos

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