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Moving and Work

I wanted to see if anyone else is in the same boat as I am. I finished my master's degree back in 2008. Over the last four years I have instructed at the college level and worked within my field. I feel like just as I am getting into a position for a promotion it is time to PCS again. So in the next few months we will moving again. 

As I am getting my resume ready to go again moving every 4 years screams "military spouse" and while I am very proud of being a military spouse, I feel like being a military spouse going into a professional interview is career suicide.  

Is their any other spouses out their that have professional careers that suffer because of military moves? 


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  • I'm with you. DH and I married a little under a year ago so this is our first PCS. And of course, I accepted a major promotion about 2 weeks before we got our official orders. I work in advertising sales and have fought tooth and nail to get up the ladder and now it feels as if it's all for nothing and I'm back to the drawing board. I love being a military spouse, but I feel as if my career is basically on hold until DH retires. Lucky for me, we only have 3 years left!
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  • We have 10 years left :( I am actually thinking about going back to get my Doctorate so I could start my own practice. I just hate the thought of more school. Moving is so hard when you have a career. Congrats on your promotion!! :)
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  • Have you thought of applying with one of the Universities that work with military families?  I too have my masters, and I teach with University of Maryland University College.  There is also Central Texas College.
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  • I have thought about applying at UMUC. While I really enjoy teaching it has always been a side job for me and I would love to work full time in my field. The problem I find is as a criminal justice professional everytime we move I have to get my POST certification again and it gets really expensive and time consuming. :(
  • I actually think asking any sort of question about what your husband does for work is illegal in the interview process.  I don't share that I'm a military spouse when interviewing.  If they do ask about all the different jobs I just say that I've moved around for my husband's job.  I'm a physical therapist and have always found a job right away each time we have moved.  I try to spin it that I've had a lot of experience at different places and that I can bring things I've learned at each place to my new place of employment.  I also have to apply for a new license in each state we move to.  Yes, it's expensive and time consuming, but well worth the money once I get my first paycheck.  I just always know I need to start getting my license in that state as soon as we know we are moving.  Good luck and I hope you do what makes you happy.  :o)

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  • YES!  This has been the most difficult part of being a military spouse for me.  I finished my MBA in 2009 and I had a great HR career up until I moved to Colorado Springs to be with my now husband.  COS has one of the highest unemployment rates in the nation and in my field, you really have to know people and network to move up.  I did find work here but not the same level as what I was doing before I moved.  Now we are PCS to Ft. Rucker, AL where there is NOTHING!  It's only going to be a year and a half or so that we are there, so I'm going to take the time to focus on having the baby and stay at home until we PCS again, hopefully to a place that has better job prospects.  It's so hard because you feel like you are giving up everything that you have worked for!  However, this is the life that I chose and I love my husband.  I think that it's just a matter of being patient, your time and my time will come again one day.  We will always have our education and plenty of women take time off for various reasons (military or not) and still have thriving careers.   
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